Rolling Analytical Simulator CAS4



・Conventional Cluster(containing of 4 Hi and 6 Hi mills) rolling
                Analytical Simulator by using of the slit model method. 

  1.Wide  range of  subjective rolled sheets and mills. 
   ・ Rolled thickness dimension: from hot slab(ex.250mm) to cold foil(ex.0.005mm)   
   ・ Rolling mill: from plate mill to foil mill
   ・ Subjective mill types  have 5 types
  2.Possibility of Simulation about High strip crown control  function.
   ・All subjective mill types have WR shift and WR cross (= Pair cross) function
   ・All subjective rolls (WR,IMR,BUR) are possible to be given any roll curve. 
  3.Easy analysis of  near-by Kiss Rolling  in  Foil Rolling.
   ・Possibility of simultaneous calculation  for work roll’s contact pressure
    and thickness distribution of rolled foil.

・Merits of CAS4 importation
1.Possibility of simple inputs and getting high accuracy simulation results.
2.Application as a designing tool , for cases of making new mill plans or
     basic designs.
3.Many unnecessary experiments at a developing stage,  → A larger
  cost down effect because of  no need for designing experimental apparatuses,
  nor manufacturing them , nor maintenance, and no labor cost.
4.Concerning production mills, this application is the main deciding tool
  for remodeling specification.
5.This application is an effective rolling simulator for research in schools
  and laboratories.

・(Reference)Possible Examples of theme studies by using CAS4
1.About the present operating mills, study of improvement delivery strip crown control faculty 
   ・ Roll initial crown, curve
   ・ Remodeling roll benders faculty
   ・ Roll diameter
   ・ Pass schedule
   ・ Set up rolling load
   ・ Change of mill type
2. Study of delivery strip crown control faculty in case of planning a new mill type
   ・ Basic mill dimensions
   ・ Roll benders
   ・ Contact pressure value  between rolls and presence of roll gap or not.
   ・ Initial roll crown each roll. 
   ・Adopting of roll shift or pair cross, or not.   
3.About the present operating foil mills, study of  near-by kiss rolling.
   ・ Checking kiss roll, or not ,each pass.
   ・ The most suitable  WR  edge shape  
   ・ Change of set up rolling load ( Change of delivery foil thickness )

・CAS4 : Mill types and Analytical faculty

・CAS4: Analytical Possibility MILL TYPES

・CAS4:High  Strip Crown Controll Faculty